We'll watch your site..

Currently waiting for our owls to hatch.. expected birth in Januari 2021.

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We'll watch your site..


We keep a close eye on your website to make sure it's up and running.


We keep your website upgraded and patched with the latest updates. This also includes any additional plugins.

Broken links

By crawling your website we can give you updated information as soon as we find a broken link on your website. Know before your visitors.


We offer storage on our offsite servers to always keep a fresh copy of your content.

SEO Suggestions

We give you suggestions based on your content on how to imrpove your visibility in search engines.


We offer additional security for your website such as 2-step verification and requirements on users passwords.

About SiteOwl

SiteOwl is a service that will help new and experienced webmaster with running their site. We’ll keep your site monitored for improvements in areas such as technical (robots.txt, analytics, CDN and many more), SEO (page titles, image alts and many more) and of course speed (CDN, loading time, improvements to CSS/JS and many more).

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